Lesson 33: Planets, Planets How Are You?

1. Types of planets

  • Mercury

- It is too close to Sun.
- The temperature is too hot to support life

  • Venus

- A great amount of the heat from the Sun is trapped in its    
- It is hotter than Mercury

  • Earth

-It has water, air and a suitable temperature to support life.

  • Mars

- Almost all of its water is frozen.
- Scientists have not found any life there.

  • Jupiter

- It is so big that all the others planets could fit inside it.

  • Saturn

- It has three wide rings
- There can be seen with a telescope

  • Uranus

-Uranus is lying on its side as it goes round the Sun.

  • Neptune

- It is covered with a blue ocean of liquid methane.

  • Pluto 

- Pluto is very cold because it is very far from the Sun.

2. Inner planets-Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars

- All these planets are made of rocks
- Each of the inner planet has an atmosphere and it    
  contains air  
  which suitable for living things to survive.
- The atmosphere of the other inner planets is very thin 
  and poisonous to living things.

3. Outer planets-Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune  
    and Pluto

-   They are mainly made of gases. 
-   Their temperature is too cold to support life.

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