Lesson 11: Living in Extreme Weather

How animals live in such an extreme weather?

( A ) Camel have humps on their backs to store food and water.
They can drink as much as 200 litres of water a day.

( B ) Rhinoceroses keep their bodies cool by wallowing in 
        mud holes

( C ) Desert foxes have long ears to lose heat easily

( D ) Kangaroo rats keep fats in their tails
When there is no water, the fat can be changed into water

( E ) Desert birds make holes in cactus plants


( A ) Polar bears have think furs to enable them to live in very 
        cold whether

( B ) Penguins have think layers of fat under their skin to keep their bodies warm

( C ) Seals have think layers of fat to keep themselves 

( D ) Arctic foxes sleep during cold weather and cover 
        their bodies with their long tails

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